Our products are high in quality and durability. Attention to detail makes our products stand out. Each step is carefully considered – from the materials we source, to the individual attitude given to each step of creating the product.

The process starts with a 3.8 – 4.00 mm thick local leather, all cut by hand, to fit the desired bag.


After being cut, the leather is custom dyed. Then, a full 24 hours must pass before any other work is done on the piece.
Bilde – krāso

A special Mix is made from bees wax, olive oil and orange turpentine. It is applied as finish for leather durability and water resistance. 


Each piece of leather is hand sewn using a traditional method known as the saddle stitch. The stitching is a strong durable knot that is created with each pass.



After all the job is done, the edges are smoothed down with Eco-Flo Gum Tragacanth (which is a natural gum based edge slicker). Beeswax then applied to create an even smoother finish.